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are people being thrown out? >> nobody is being drawn el. >> his name appears on this rental agreement that says the tenants are to pay their rent it to him or this man, jermaine miller. they say the two men lead to the house for $1,100 a month from the homeowner. the homeowner was unaware until neighbors complained about trash. the assistant housing commissioner. >> the doors have been altered with remembers and blocks that were not there before. >> this was not the only unlicensed toss they operated. this house in east baltimore was one of several locations. we found ads on crags list. the issue lies rooms and as for a security deposit. potential tenants are saying, if you need somewhere to live, call mr. miller the go another says, "you will easily be approved. after several attempts, we found in the mitchell courthouse there on unrelated charges, firearms possession. >> allegations from the city, do you know anything about that? >> we don't know nothing about that. >> you don't know what a thing about that? the city is saying that is what your running. love me. >> not me. >> they p
many el toro votes there are for the state of ohio. -- a lot tour all -- electoral votes there are for the state of ohio. >> taking credit for the auto bailout. >> chrysler is adding more than a thousand new jobs. not in china. right here in ohio. >> it paid off for him. >> this morning we learned, the company has hired more workers in october than any time the last eight months. >> it is the last report before the vote. 7.9% unemployment. 171,000 new jobs. >> 300,000 is where we want to be. relative to last year, and this is much better. >> kicking off more than he says is better. >> housing is on the rise. we are less dependent on foreign oil than any time the last 20 years. >> romney stopped in wisconsin where he is five points behind. >> obama promised to do so much that he has fallen short. >> he says the president said it would be down to 5%. >> it is actually 7.9%. 9 million short of what he promised. but it is higher today than when he took office. think of that. >> he has two stops in ohio. president obama, three and they will both be back before tuesday. >> both
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2